Welcome to Alexander Rocks!

About our lil' Drummer

    Alex has always had a love for the drums. He got his very own kit at age 1, and from then on there was no stopping him. He learned all the drums and hardware by name. He would also make up beats and name them by family members.

     By 3 yrs old, he had several beats that he could play on request, "Mom's beat", "Dad's beat", "Pop's beat", "Grandmom's beat", "Grammy's beat".

    At age 5, he was trying to get us to play a song on the stereo, and didn't know the name. He said "I'll show you", and played well enuff for us to recognize it as "Man in the Box" by Alice and Chains.

    He started taking private lessons with Kevin Chronister at 7 yrs old. After his very first lesson, he came home and tried to teach everyone that came over how to play. It comes so natural to him, he thinks everyone should play.

    A couple months later, and another year older, he continues to excell in his lessons. He now wishes to expand his drum kit, more drums, more cymbols, more pedals...

    We would like to send a special "Thank-you" to Kevin. He is a great teacher and mentor for Alex.